Eduroam with iOS 9 and Mac OS X - workaround

VPN password

VPN password

From 2 passwords to 1?

You can do this yourself by changing your central password (using the form on sleutel-icoon). After the change, your central password and your VPN password are the same. You only need to remember 1 password.


In places you previously entered (or saved) your VPN password, you will need to enter the new password.
This happens when:

Please note

You can only reach the page holding the form from a computer which is connected to the UGent network (UGentNet) or the HoGent Network (HNET) or the network of HoWest. If you are connecting from outside of the university or college network (e.g. from home via your own internet provider), you first need to establish a VPN connection, or you should to surf to the page via Athena (using the Internet Explorer browser in the 'Office' folder).

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