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Cisco VPN client downloads

Cisco VPN client downloads

I declare to have knowledge of the website http://www.cisco.com/wwl/export/crypto/tool/stqrg.html.

Cisco VPN client without config file

After downloading and installing the 'VPN client' you still have to install and import the below 'UGent VPN-client config file'. For more info see Set-up and usage of a Virtual Private Network using the Cisco VPN Client.

VPN client for Windows XP/Vista/7 version 32 bit
VPN client for Windows XP/Vista/7 version 64 bit
VPN client 4.9 for Mac (Mac OS 10.4.* and 10.5.*)
VPN client 4.8 for Mac (< mac 10.4)
VPN client 4.6.03 for Mac (< mac 10.2)
VPN client 4.8 for Linux

Config file

UGent VPN-client config file

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